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PAJ Resources Inc.
An insurance consultancy firm in the Philippines

Compare Insurance Plans in the Philippines

Find the best coverage for your car, home or business

Finding the best insurance policy for you is our goal.

When it comes to protecting and securing your assets, insurance plays a crucial role. In the Philippines, where uncertainties like accidents and natural disasters are prevalent, having the right insurance coverage is essential for financial stability and peace of mind. 

With numerous insurance companies in the Philippines offering various insurance plans, how do you find the best insurance program? Here are key factors and options to consider:

Compare insurance quotes among different insurance companies

Covered Risks and Perils

Assess your needs and choose an insurance program that provides adequate coverage for your specific requirements. 


Amount of Insurance

Depending on the type of property, at times, the owner must provide the insurance values commensurate with the sound value of the property. Getting proper guidance from our team will ensure that your property has proper coverage limits for your complete peace of mind.



Consider the premium rates. While lower premiums may seem attractive, make sure the coverage risks and extensions is sufficient for your needs.


Claims Process

Our network of affiliate insurers have a good reputation for smooth and efficient claims processing. In addition, our team will provide assistance and professional advice in processing claims when the need arises.


Financial Stability of the Insurer

We understand that it is crucial to choose an insurance provider with a strong financial standing. We have selected and partnered with insurance companies with strong financial capabilities. This ensures that they can fulfill their obligations and pay out claims, especially during challenging times. 

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Explore various insurance types in the Philippines

Our Top Insurance 



Comprehensive Car Insurance to cover damages to your vehicle, theft, insurance for your passengers and liabilities to other parties covering bodily injury & property damage. To cover natural calamities, there are options to include Acts of Nature. 



Insurance for residences that can cover Fire and option to include natural calamities like earthquake, typhoon & flood. Coverage can be extended to include malicious damages and burglary.



Individual or Group accident insurance policies for individuals or as benefits given to employees to provide lumpsum benefits for accidental death or medical reimbursements for hospitalizations due to accidents.

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