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PAJ Resources, Inc.

Authorized by the Insurance Commission to act as Insurance Agent

PAJ Resources, Inc. Believes corporations and Individuals must be guided on protecting their assets through insurance.


Our Company

Established in 1990, PAJ Resources, Inc. has partnered with reputable insurers. Over the years, it has achieved the respect and gained dignified alliances among the leading insurance companies &  healthcare providers in the country. On the other hand, it has earned the trust and loyalty of it's corporate and individual clients

PAJ Resources, Inc. is an insurance agency providing its clients with complete range of insurance products. It serves as a gateway in securing and maintaning its insurance policies conveniently from various insurance companies regulated by the Insurance Commission.

Our Company


Provide people convenient access to insurance products offered by reputable insurance companies.

Make it easier for our clients to administer their insurance policies based on their requirements & preferences.


Driven by technology led by our dedicated team, we aim to be one of the most innovate insurance intermediaries in South East Asia in next decade

Why we do it 

Our advantage to other agencies

List of our Clients that trust us

What our clients feedback

Client 1 

Great services and care for the customer

Client 11

Great services and care for the customer

Client 111 

Great services and care for the customer

Client 1111 

Great services and care for the customer

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